Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wash Day: Bantu Knots

Hey loves,

So is another week, another Wednesday, and the usual Wash day routine is here. My last wash day was kind of unexpected but expected. I woke up with no plans to wash my hair, changed my mind hours later and decided to try the MaxHydraytionMethod, then changed my mind again after a failed product shopping(didn't find all the necessary products) left me with a huge headache. After sleeping it off, I decide to just go ahead with my normal wash routine at 9pm. LoL talk about indecisive.

Anyways the best part of this wash day was my hair style. Remember when I said I have lots of plans for this year? Well one of them is to actually find a way to enjoy my hair with different styles, that last at least a week long so as to avoid too much manipulation. This gives me a good balance.

And it 'went' like this.....

  1. Pre pooed the usual way, coconut oil and a cheap conditioner. Except this time I used a mixture of my ORS Replenishing Conditioner and my CON Argan Oil intensive Conditioner Treatment because silly me bought the hello hydration shampoo instead of the conditioner. Hmmmhp. Kept that on for about 30-40mins under a shopping bag. 
  2. Cleansed my scalp and hair with my CON Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo. 
  3. Soaked up excess water with a cotton T-shirt and followed up with a moisturising deep conditioner mix of ORS Curls Unleashed No Restrictions Moisturising Conditioner, raw honey and my oil mix (almond oil, JBCO and Jojoba oil). Sat under my steamer for about 20mins, and I was left with soft cotton ball like hair.
  4. Rinsed my hair with lukewarm water to seal in some of the moisture from the deep condition treatment, and moisturised and styled my hair in Bantu knots using my staples, Kinky Coily Knot Today, Jojoba oil and Jane Carter Nourish & Shine.

My wash day didn't take that long, what took long was the styling. However I actually had fun doing it and I didn't get lazy as I normally would. Check out my video on YouTube to see how I did it. Also, hope you are following me on YouTube cause I plan to post more fun, helpful videos like this!!

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I love the look as it gets older!! Frizzer, but bigger and better!! Bantu Knots might be another go to!


  1. I love the style! I like the idea of styling and enjoying one's hair whilst on this hair journey!

    Lungi @ HHDC

    1. The struggle (to me) is real hun!! But I am trying to find ways to do it, as I need to enjoy this journey. Thank you. :)

  2. your curls definitely look lovely.

  3. Beautiful curls chica! You're not the only one that's purchased a shampoo when you intended to pick up the conditioner! Omgosh...that happens to me all the time--hence why I have all this shampoo in my stash!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Hahhaa glad I am not the first, and wont be the last to do such a thing!! And girl, thanks, you inspire with all your lovely hair styles. :)