Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wash Day (4): Salon Experience (2)

Hello Loves,

Can I just quickly say Happy New Year? I can’t believe the year is already over, as I can still remember the first day of this year very clearly!! I am looking forward to the New Year and all it has to offer!! I pray that we all accomplish all we set our hearts to do this coming year! May it bring us more joy, happiness and love!!

Anyways, back to the agenda at hand. My last washday of the year involved a nice protein treatment seeing as I decided to ditch the wigs and get kinky twists as a protective style for the rest of the cold winter months. So here’s how the day went.

(1)  Before heading to the salon, I applied the protein mixture so as to save some time and this served as my pre poo. I mixed together some avocado, coconut milk, ORS hair mayonnaise and honey to dilute the protein a bit. I am always scared of having too much protein so I always mix a little bit of moisture with my protein treatments. I divided my hair into four parts and applied the mixture generously.  This mixture made my hair soooooo soft that it shocked me a bit. I feel it had the same effect the ORS curls unleashed product has on my hair, and I tried my best to capture this in pictures. Anyways, after applying to all four sections, I covered my hair as usual, with a plastic bag and a shower cap, and I left this on my hair for about two hours, so by the time I got to the salon, it was time to wash it off.
(2)  The lady proceeded to take off all four hair ties and began to wash. All I did was simply remind her that she should use the pads of her hands. I also decided to use her shampoo because I didn’t have my cleansing shampoo with me. The name of the shampoo is Petals, and I know it doesn’t have good ingredients but I needed something that would cleanse my hair thoroughly and it did. I had her lather once and my hair surprisingly didn’t feel stripped afterwards.
(3)  The next step, she applied my ORS curls unleashed moisturising conditioner to my dripping wet hair and then detangled. My hair was pretty easy to detangle as I had removed most of the shed hair while pre pooing. I covered my hair again with a shower cap and sat under the dryer for 15mins. I think it was a bit too hot as my ends where beginning to get dry. After waiting for an extra 5mins without any heat, she washed it all off and squeezed out excess water.
(4)  Using my kinky coily knot today leave in conditioner, my grape seed oil and my raw Shea butter, she applied the products using the LOC method to each section she was going to thread and then detangled further before threading. I decided to thread instead of braid like before because I needed to stretch my hair out in preparation for my kinky twists.

And that was it, another successful salon experience, quick and straight to the point. I told the lady about me advertising her salon on here and she was all for it. So for those of you in Abuja, Nigeria, you can get a good salon session with the nice lady who listens to all your needs and requirements with no fuss, at Angie’s salon which is located in Jabi. It’s the salon inside Lake View homes estate. If any one decides to go there, please let me know how it goes.

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With the protein mixture in my hair. See that lone coil!!!

So this is my last post for the year, and I am super glad I decided to be more constant/consistent with my blog. It took me a while to get into due to school and my own personal issues in regards to what others may think. But I am happy I over came all that and actually put it out there for people to see. So far, I am grateful for how it has been received by everyone from family, to friends and even strangers, and I am really excited to see what next brings with the blog. I have lots of nice ideas lined up which I hope you guys will enjoy.  So please stick around with me.

Lots of Love,


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wash Day (3): The Salon Experience

Hello Loves, I know I haven't posted any washday post in a while. This is because during my past two washes, I stuck to my normal routine and I didn't want to bore you with that. Anyways, this week was a bit different. I recently came back to Nigeria for a little vacation and my normal washday was supposed to be on Sundays, however, laziness got the best of me. Until my very good friend, who is also natural introduced me to the lady that washes her hair. Due to the fact that I have been lazy, I decided to take the back seat for a while and let someone do my hair for me. Anyone that knows me would know this is like a "nono" for me as I am very particular with the way people handle my hair, and sometimes, I can get a bit too much (or do I? hehehe). 

Anyways, so this is how it went:

(1) I got to the salon and explained to the lady that I would like to get my hair washed and conditioned. She agreed and told me to seat at the washing hair station, and as she prepped me with a towel around my neck and all that, she brought out her comb and was about to comb through my dry hair. At this point my, what some would call, fussy behaviour, came out as I knew that combing my hair dry would cause a lot of problems, I simply told her that she should please wet my hair first. There was no four-part division, as I would normally do. But I think this is okay when someone else is doing your hair, as they have a better view of what’s going on unlike when you work on your own hair. 

She processed to wet my hair and shampoo using my slufate free Crème of Nature Argan oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo. She lathered three times which I feel was okay/needed. The shampoo process went smoothly, apart from her using her nails instead of the pad of her fingers. Anyways I corrected her and she listened.

(2) Next came the condition part. This was pretty simple and straightforward. Didn’t involve a three hour long under a plastic bag or steamer situation, but she did leave it on for about 15mins, during which she proceeded to comb my hair. Yep, no shed hair was removed prior to the shampoo, or even during the shampoo. It was only now that the comb touched my hair, which to be honest, was okay. My hair felt soft after the shampoo and even softer when she applied the mixture of ORS replenishing conditioner and Crème of Nature intensive conditioning treatment. I used both products because they are both moisturising but with a little boost of protein. The combing process was not bad, however, my friend intervened when she wanted the comb from root to end as opposed to end to root.

She combed carefully through any tangles and loosened them with no fuzz. I truly would say that I didn’t experience any breakage, only shed hair, however, I didn’t inspect the comb so I am not 100% sure. But I do feel you know when your hair breaks/is breaking and otherwise, hence my statement. After all was done, we washed and then came the moisture, sealing and styling part.

(3) I brought out my kinky coily knot today leave in conditioner, my grape seed oil and my raw Shea butter. I explained that on each braid section, she should simple apply the leave in conditioner, then the oil and lastly a little Shea butter, comb through and then braid. And she did exactly that, to my dripping wet hair. She even sprinkled water on parts that were already drying up.

I decided to opt for the single braids rather than cornrows, and I was pleasantly surprised that she could braid it that way, as I have been skeptical about the ends being able to hold and what not. The length also surprised me, I think my hair has grown a lot; of cause I’ll do a length check soon to show my progress. I plan to do this at the two-month mark, so be on the look out.

All in all, I enjoyed my salon experience, it was quick, straight to the point and relatively cheap (1000 naira), and my hair turned out great. It’s been four days now and my hair still feels soft and moisturised.

I have heard that she can do all the homemade product treatments as long as you bring your products (avocado, egg and the likes). I plan on going back in couple of days for my next wash, which would involve some of these as I plan on doing braids soon. I will definitely keep you guys posted and if the experience is good, and she and my friend agree, I will share her info for those of you natural hair ladies in Abuja, Nigeria that would like to take a break once in a while from doing their own hair.

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I went from twist out, to single braids to back under the wig!!



Monday, December 15, 2014


Hey loves,

I am back with another hair tip. This may seem too simple but it's the very reason why some believe their hair isn't "growing". I say growing in quotes, cause hair does grow no matter what, however in order to see it, one must retain length. To retain length, one must avoid breakage.
It is common knowledge that dry hair breaks, and we kinky, coily, curly, headed ladies are queens of naturally dry hair. This is because our hair type makes it harder for our natural oil to travel down the hair shaft. Hence the need for added...

Moisture for the hair could mean simply using water or it could be using a product designed to add moisture to the hair. My advice is that seeing as water is the best moisturizer, use a product that has water as its first ingredient. It is also possible to mix whatever product you use with water, or first wet your hair and then apply the product. I personal like applying my leave in moisturizer to wet hair.
Here's a list of leave in conditioners I have used/ I am using, and my personal views:

·       Kinky Coily Knot Today
Review: Great detangler. To be honest, I have found that this product isn't the best moisturizer but it is a damn good detangler. It doesn’t apply on smoothly and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling soft immediately, unlike/until after I apply my oil and butter.  Anyways, for now, I am using it because even if it's not the best, it's not the worst either. And with my method of applying it to wet hair, it helps add the extra umph.

·       Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner
Review: Great moisturizer, great detangler. I first used this product on my transitioning hair. It was gold!! However, when I was transitioning, I didn’t implement the act of applying my leave in to wet hair. I normally let it air dry till it’s at least 50-60% dry then sprayed this on. However, as you know, I recently big chopped and a couple of weeks back, I went to my beauty supply store and found this product again. I was happy and bought it without giving it a second thought. Wash day came around and there I was spraying this very liquid product to my dripping wet hair. Let’s just say that wasn’t a good idea. It was dripping everywhere, so much so that I wasn’t convinced that my hair was being moisturized.  I had to repeat the process after I squeezed the excess water out.
Long story short? I love this product, but its best on semi dry hair or for re applying moisture between wash days.

·       ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Hair Lotion
Review: This is a relatively good moisturizer, however it isn’t amazing. I don’t have any horror story, but I do not have any must tell stories either. It did the job of keeping my hair soft, but I always had to re-moisturize every single day, which to me shouldn’t be necessary when you find the right product and combo.

·       Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Quench
Review: Horrible!! Despite the positive comments about this product, this product made my hair so stiff!!  It didn’t work for me, so much for “hydrate quench”! This product has so much protein so I would advise those that are protein sensitive to stay far away from this. I think my bad experience also has to do with my low porosity hair. However, I am not a 100% sure how.

Please note that in order to reap the most benefit from your moisturizing products, one has to follow up with a sealant, be it a good oil or butter or both. I will be discussing all about oils and butters in the near future. But for now, if I was to pick my best moisturizer, I would stick to my Jane Carter and perhaps alternate with the Kinky Coily Knot Today till I find a better replacement. I would love one that isn’t pure liquid like the Jane Carter, but works well as a moisturizer and a detangler at the same time!!! Any tips for me? What is your current favorite leave in product? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

PS: Anyone here in the Netherlands or in Nigeria willing to try the Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Quench? My present bottle has been used just twice. As I said, if you aren’t protein sensitive then it should work for you, however, if you are protein sensitive but still want to try it out let me know. After all, every ones hair reacts differently to a product. I would therefore like to give it out to someone that needs/wants it for free. So please let me know in the comment section here on the blog, or under my instagram post of this blog post, or @ me on twitter.



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hair Feature: Tracy

    Hey Loves,

           I have decided to start a new series where I ask other people to share with us their hair experiences, be them natural or relaxed. The main aim of this blog is to share ways to help achieve healthy hair and show that we are not alone in our hair drama, so here is what my friend Tracy had to say about her little hair journey.

     1.     A Little About You?
I’m currently completing a Masters in Economics. I’m half Scottish, and half Sotho and have lived in several African and European countries – I’m a bit of a global nomad.
     2.     Facts about your hair? (Relaxed, Natural, Curl pattern, Length, etc.)
My mother has an Afro, my father has really thick hair…and instead of getting gorgeous curls like other mixed race kids, I got an extra thick natural Afro. I’ve got various hair textures on this head of mine, but definitely in the 4’s.
     3.     When did you start your hair journey? Why?
Given how thick my hair is, my mother started relaxing my hair at a very young age (probably 5 or 6 years old). My hair was not damaged or thinned by the relaxer because I always had it professionally done, but what I did notice was that I’m getting more and more grey hair (!!!!!!!!). I’m not ready to embrace these bright silver strands in my hair so I started dying it and realized that, with the relaxer, I would be putting some type of chemical on my hair every 6 weeks (alternating between dyes and relaxing). I was terrified of the effect this would have on my hair so opted to ditch the relaxer - I had my last retouch in December 2012. I transitioned until July 2013 then chopped off the relaxed hair.
      4.     What your current Regimen?
Right now I attempt to do a simple protective style (e.g. two French braids or twists) after washing my hair and I’ll keep my hair like that until my next wash-day. I try not to handle my hair too often.

If I don’t do a protective style then I part my hair into four sections, spritz each section with a water and oil mixture then apply a leave-in conditioner. I then detangle and style (I don’t finger detangle – I just don’t have the patience). 

Wash:  I wash my hair once a week. I don’t do anything special. Wash, rinse, condition, rinse, leave-in conditioner, castor oil to seal and style!  
     5.     Dos and Don’ts about your hair? (My hair loves when I, My hair hates when I.. etc.)
My hair loves leave-in conditioner. I don’t use other moisturizing products because they make my hair too oily and too much oil makes my hair break.

My hair hates season changes. Hair breakage when we go from winter to summer and vice versa. During this period I tend to break the bank by opting for braids/cornrow.
     6.     What are your hair goals? How are you working towards achieving them?
As with most people it would be GREAT to achieve bra strap length hair (ok, ideally somewhere between bra strap and my waist!! AMBITIOUS!!!). I do have a simple style goals I would like to achieve and are slightly more realistic: 1) all my hair in a puff at the back of my head rather than on top of it (right now my front hair is too short to reach the back of my head); 2) a bun. A proper bun! That’s all. I’m not doing anything to achieve them…just going with the flow.
     7.     What are your hair staples? Styles, products, accessories
Cantu leave-in conditioner; puffs (hair ties) of various sizes; bobby-pins; satin hair scarf (pyjamas for my hair!).
     8.     Share with us an experience that (good or bad) you’ve encountered with someone about your hair.
I will never ever go out at night with my hair loose. For some reason, people think it’s appropriate and funny to touch AND PULL my afro as if it’s not attached to my scalp!! I went out with friends, wearing just a head band with most of my hair loose…bar tenders, random drunks with questionable hygiene thought my hair was public property. Actual pulling was involved and people thought it was hilarious to put drinking straws in my hair. I was livid!
     9.     For those seeking advice about healthy hair?
 I am unfortunately not a hair expert and I'm also still experimenting with products and regimes. My advice is that you should avoid becoming a product and/or regime junkie. There are many things you can do with your hair and thousands of products out there. Let me put it like this: if you live in America/Europe you have access to a lot of sulphate-free, great brands …but what if you live somewhere in Africa or Asia where all of a sudden these specialized products are not readily available and/or you have to pay incredible prices for them. Find products and regimes that your hair likes and that are easily available to you. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t using sulphate free goods and don’t feel bad if you can’t do a deep condition under a steamer. Love your hair and find what works for you. For example, I don’t like spending the whole day doing my hair. I applaud Dumsy on her ability to dedicate so much time to hair treatments, I straight up lack the patience. Maybe my hair would have grown longer/faster if I started finger detangling but the thought of doing so already makes me cry hahahaha. Treat your scalp well and be positive about your hair. Don’t be ashamed of it and don’t believe that just because you don’t have a certain product or tool that your hair journey is destined to fail. 
     10.  Where can we connect with you? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?
I’m on Facebook, but I don’t accept friend requests from people I don’t know. Feel free to contact me through this blog though. Heehee

Left - July 2013 after 7 months of transition. Right - November 2014