Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Journey: 8 months and counting. Performance, Problems, Pictures.


Perhaps I should first start by apologizing? I have not blogged in months and I have no reason. For that, I am sorry. Today I decided to check my blog and I found out I have few readers. As little as they may be, I am happy. Hello readers!!! This blog is not only to inform people about my findings, and my hair journey, it is also for me to keep track of my "doings".

Right now, I am torn. I started this journey back in March with hair barley touching my shoulder. I had just taken out my braids and was well past 12 weeks posts. Decided to "nurture" my hair they right way and then relaxed two weeks after. After my relaxer, I continued with my regimen and decided to stretch. Between that stretch, I had braids for about a month and a half, and by August, I relaxed again after about 19 weeks and some days stretch.

My August touch up was a fail. I left the relaxer in for way too long and let my sister comb it (this I know is a nono). The result? My hair fell out!! It was everywhere and I cried. I was mad at everyone including myself. I was mad that I was watching all my hard work fall into the drain. I was just furious. This is why I am torn. I expected to see growth but my hair seemed "stagnant". There was no difference between my March touch up and August, at least in my eyes.

However, I see a difference with thickness. My ends seem healthier, and for that I should and am happy.

I guess you can say I was reminded that for one to retain length, one has to grow healthy hair. I have now chucked up the past 8 months to learning about how to get healthy hair and now, as from next week when I plan to get my next relaxer (15 weeks post), I will focus more on maintaining health and now retaining length.

I have read and I am still reading on how and what to do before, during and after getting a relaxer. I still have not decided wether or not I should go get it professionally done or do it myself (never done it myself btw). But by next week, I will know.

I am currently deciding if I should do the inversion method for the days leading up to my relaxer. Please let me know your views on this.

Below are my pictures from March till now. I will do an official length check after my relaxer next week and use that as my base for this "new" journey.

Tell me what you think. Do I still need to work on my ends? Although I got a trim two weeks ago, I still feel I should trim again.

Dumebi :)

The very beginning
Left - September 2013, Right - March 2013 (Right when I began my journey)

Left - August '13 Touch up, Right March '13 Touch up.
As you can see, the difference is little due to the relaxer mishap.