Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello Loves,

That’s right; I have finally concluded that I am transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. For those who might not be aware of what I mean exactly, I have decided to stop relaxing my hair and gradually cut of the relaxed bit as I grow out my natural texture. I am currently at 7 months plus some weeks since my last relaxer (16th of March) and as the days go by, I continue to consider big chopping. My initial schedule involved MAYBE big chopping at the 9th month mark, but I am getting very curious every day now. I believe I have about 3.5+ inches of new growth and in order to tame my curiosity, I decided to get me some crochet braids. But can I just say, it is not helping. LOL

Anyways guys, that is it. I need some advice from those that transitioned and those that big chopped. How long did you transition for? How much growth did you have when you big chopped? Were you scared of the ‘short do’? Do you love that you big chopped rather than long term transitioned?
Please feel free to share and comment about your experiences, it may help others come to a decision about their hair journey.