Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Its been a year....


Well its been a year since I have been on this HHJ and I must say, I am very happy I started and I am pleased with my progress. In my last post, I lamented on the problems I had during the first few months, plus my decision to just "chill" on the length issue and focus on the health.

I am happy to say that while I focused on the health issue, I saw tons of growth. :) My last touch up was a month and some ago. I can totally see the difference in my hair from the last time. I used to be worried about my uneven growth, but I have come to learn that not all sides grow equally. Peep my progress below. These are the best comparison pictures I have as these were the only times I flat iron during this 1 year HHJ. On the left, I was 8 weeks post relaxer/ post beginning of my HHJ and on the right, 3 weeks post relaxer, after my one year mark.

I see about 3 inches progress (out of the 6"/yr)? From between shoulder and armpit length to between armpit and bra strap length. Thats good enough for me, especially after my 'August relaxer problem' and my trim.

Well, guess what? Now that I have learnt how to better take care of my hair, I have been dabbling with the idea of going natural. I am really indecisive about this one, but I think I will try and transition and then see. I know for sure that if I do decide to go natural, I will long term transition, so I have been searching for long term 4a/b/c transitioners to use as guides.

Guys, I think I found one. One of my all time fav relaxed hair ladies Jen from just grow already!, recently announced that she will be long term transitioning from her texlaxed hair, and from the pictures, seems like her hair falls in the 4 type category. I plan to follow her lead on this one as she inspired and helped (unknowingly) with my HHJ.

I think seeing her post was really the 'sign' if you may cause just like her, I am totally indecisive. Anyways, I have a little more free time now so I will keep you posted on this long-stretch/transitioning journey of mine.