Monday, December 15, 2014


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I am back with another hair tip. This may seem too simple but it's the very reason why some believe their hair isn't "growing". I say growing in quotes, cause hair does grow no matter what, however in order to see it, one must retain length. To retain length, one must avoid breakage.
It is common knowledge that dry hair breaks, and we kinky, coily, curly, headed ladies are queens of naturally dry hair. This is because our hair type makes it harder for our natural oil to travel down the hair shaft. Hence the need for added...

Moisture for the hair could mean simply using water or it could be using a product designed to add moisture to the hair. My advice is that seeing as water is the best moisturizer, use a product that has water as its first ingredient. It is also possible to mix whatever product you use with water, or first wet your hair and then apply the product. I personal like applying my leave in moisturizer to wet hair.
Here's a list of leave in conditioners I have used/ I am using, and my personal views:

·       Kinky Coily Knot Today
Review: Great detangler. To be honest, I have found that this product isn't the best moisturizer but it is a damn good detangler. It doesn’t apply on smoothly and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling soft immediately, unlike/until after I apply my oil and butter.  Anyways, for now, I am using it because even if it's not the best, it's not the worst either. And with my method of applying it to wet hair, it helps add the extra umph.

·       Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner
Review: Great moisturizer, great detangler. I first used this product on my transitioning hair. It was gold!! However, when I was transitioning, I didn’t implement the act of applying my leave in to wet hair. I normally let it air dry till it’s at least 50-60% dry then sprayed this on. However, as you know, I recently big chopped and a couple of weeks back, I went to my beauty supply store and found this product again. I was happy and bought it without giving it a second thought. Wash day came around and there I was spraying this very liquid product to my dripping wet hair. Let’s just say that wasn’t a good idea. It was dripping everywhere, so much so that I wasn’t convinced that my hair was being moisturized.  I had to repeat the process after I squeezed the excess water out.
Long story short? I love this product, but its best on semi dry hair or for re applying moisture between wash days.

·       ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturizing Hair Lotion
Review: This is a relatively good moisturizer, however it isn’t amazing. I don’t have any horror story, but I do not have any must tell stories either. It did the job of keeping my hair soft, but I always had to re-moisturize every single day, which to me shouldn’t be necessary when you find the right product and combo.

·       Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Quench
Review: Horrible!! Despite the positive comments about this product, this product made my hair so stiff!!  It didn’t work for me, so much for “hydrate quench”! This product has so much protein so I would advise those that are protein sensitive to stay far away from this. I think my bad experience also has to do with my low porosity hair. However, I am not a 100% sure how.

Please note that in order to reap the most benefit from your moisturizing products, one has to follow up with a sealant, be it a good oil or butter or both. I will be discussing all about oils and butters in the near future. But for now, if I was to pick my best moisturizer, I would stick to my Jane Carter and perhaps alternate with the Kinky Coily Knot Today till I find a better replacement. I would love one that isn’t pure liquid like the Jane Carter, but works well as a moisturizer and a detangler at the same time!!! Any tips for me? What is your current favorite leave in product? Let’s discuss in the comment section.

PS: Anyone here in the Netherlands or in Nigeria willing to try the Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Quench? My present bottle has been used just twice. As I said, if you aren’t protein sensitive then it should work for you, however, if you are protein sensitive but still want to try it out let me know. After all, every ones hair reacts differently to a product. I would therefore like to give it out to someone that needs/wants it for free. So please let me know in the comment section here on the blog, or under my instagram post of this blog post, or @ me on twitter.




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