Friday, February 27, 2015

Basic Steps In a Regimen: (1) The Act of Pre Pooing

Hey loves,

You guys know my go to pre poo is the coconut oil and herbal essence conditioner. It leaves my hair so soft and loosens any tangles in sight!! Its crazy, I swear!! God bless Naptural85 for this idea/method!

Anyways, some may ask, what exactly is pre pooing? Why should it be done? What are the benefits? What products can be used? Well my little picture below gives you the straight forward answers.

Lets discuss below, do you pre poo? Whats your go to pre poo mixture? Tell me, I wanna know!! :)



  1. I usually use coconut oil and/or a conditioner as my pre-poo

  2. I tried the coconut and bee strong conditioner and I admit it was an amazing routine. I'm the laziest natural ever and just do whatever comes easy to me after all, my hair would still grow oder?
    This year, I took my lazy to a new level. I put my hair in yarn braids and keep on for a month. Wash after and get new braids in a week after. I do however plan to take another routine from you. Washing and deep conditioning before and after take down!

    1. I also do deep conditioning before I shampoo...which a lot of naturals think me weird...fortunately, I'm weird so it fits Lol. Now I get ppl telling me my method is wrong and makes no sense but who says we can't create our own routine?