Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Months Post Big Chop | Length Check #2

Hello Loves,

It was that time of the month again and I was excited because I was checking my progress. It has been 2 months since I cut off my relaxed ends and became completely natural. I transitioned for about 8 months so I would say I have about 10 months’ worth of growth on my head. I must say, I am pretty happy with my progress. By my calculations, I grew about 1 to 2cm (0.5 to 1 inch), which is expected. Check out my progress in the pictures below.

Front: From 12cm to 14cm

Right Edge: From 12cm to 14cm

Left Nape: From 10cm to 12cm

Left Edge: From 9cm to 10-11cm

Right Nape: From 8cm to 10cm

I know I said I would chop off the but I decided to wait till my one year growth mark in March. I also decided that I am not sure (LOL) I will even my hair out as to be honest; hair on one’s head doesn’t always grow at the same rate. I will finally decide in March based on my progress, if I will even everything out or just cut of the straight ends.

Anyways, I have started a bottle of Manetabolism. I took it in the past and I did notice all good things, but I feel like I cannot do a proper review because I didn’t track it properly. So that’s my aim this time, to track all pros and cons and come back with a detailed review for you guys.

Manetabolism promises to "promote healthy hair, nails and skin by supplying nourishment to the body’s cells and by directly targeting hair folicles, nail beds and skin layers. In addition, it boosts energy levels and helps to strengthen the immune system that will overall promote a healthier you."

I will definitely be looking out for each point, from my nails to my hair length to even its overall thickness.

According to the ManeChoice, each pill is made up of:

Vitamin A: A multi-functional antioxidant that promotes healthy skin, hair and nails and also enhances the immune system. Vitamin A allows the scalp to produce sebum which aids in the thickness and shine of hair.

Vitamin C: Helps to build collagen, a protein that is crucial in the progress of hair growth. Effective in the treatment of hair loss. Aids in the health of the skin and enhances the immune system. Increases scalp circulation, which aids in hair growth.

Vitamin D3: Plays a key role in preventing hair loss as well as fostering hair growth. Enhances the immune system.

Vitamin E: One of the strongest antioxidants available to the body. Increases hair growth and strength by stimulating more blood flow to the scalp. Protects the scalp internally and externally. Enhances the immune system.

Vitamin K: Heals damaged scalp and skin and keeps hair healthy.

Niacin (B3): Minimizes cholesterol buildup on the scalp, which enhances hair growth.

Vitamin B6: Particularly important for hair growth and may cause hair loss when there is a deficiency in the body. Stimulate hair growth, especially in people who suffer from hair loss or thinning.

Folic Acid: An essential vitamin that plays a key role in the overall health of hair and is involved in all three hair follicle cycles, helping to determine a hair strand’s quality and longevity. A deficiency can stunt hair growth. Promotes hair growth by renewing the cells that grow hair. A deficiency in folic acid can inhibit the health of your hair and lead to hair loss and premature graying.

Vitamin B12: Energy booster. Many people who suffer from hair loss have vitamin B12 deficiency. Nourishes scalp and heals the scalp thus promoting hair growth.

Biton (B7): B-complex vitamin useful in the prevention of hair loss and premature graying. Promotes elasticity within the hair’s cortex while thickening cuticles to eliminate breakage. Decreases itchy dry and flaky scalp. Supports the health of the hair, skin and nails.

Zinc: One of the most important vitamins needed for healthy hair. It helps the body to sustain healthy hair in many ways. Helps the body to utilize protein and also contributes to speedy hair growth. A deficiency can reduce the effectiveness of other vitamins in the body.

So thats its for now. Has any body taken these pills before? How was your experience? Lets discuss in the comment section!!


PS: I also made a video!! Please check it out, like, and share.


  1. Nice progress, Dumsy. Looking forward to more updates with Manetabolism.

    1. Thank you! I will definitely be coming back with the updates.