Sunday, November 9, 2014

THE BIG CHOP: 8/11/14

Hello Loves,

I finally did it. I decided yesterday to take off my protective style and do the big chop. My dear friend Tracy decided to help me and she was convinced I would cry, but I didn't. At first, I felt weird, as I couldn't believe I was actually doing it. Then I felt okay. I felt happy that I wasn't sad. I felt happy that I liked what I saw looking back at me in the mirror. I just felt HAPPY.

It was really hard to find the line of demarcation (point where the new growth meets the relaxed ends) due to me texlaxing the last time I got a relaxer.  So it was basically a guessing game. A feel and cut kinda situation. She showed me where she thought was the cut off point and I either agreed or disagreed. Anyways, we got it done in the end and I was left with about 4-5 inches of growth around my head. However, at one edge side and one nape side, I cut way too much and I was left with about 3inches of growth there. So yes, my hair is pretty uneven, but I have decided to leave it as is since I will be wearing a wig as my protective style for the beginning of the winter.

Frist impressions:

  • Shrinkage is REAL!! (I am embracing it)
  • I was convinced that once I cut off my relaxed ends, I would be able to comb by hair freely without any "stops" at the ends!! (In Tamar's voice, lies they tell)
  • I am already scared of SSK (Single Strand knots)

Anyways, thats it for now. I am really excited to begin this new journey. One I am sure will be a roller coster of many ups and downs. I just pray and hope its more ups than down. :)

Some little facts,
Last relaxer: 16/03/14
Big chop: 8/11/14 (a week shy of being 8 months post)
Hair type: 4b/c (low porosity hair)

Look out for a video next week, where I do a little chat about my hair. If there are any questions you would like answered, please feel free to ask in the comment box. For now here are some pictures. Please ignore the bad quality. I am working on how to take better quality pictures. (any tips are welcome). Here, me hair was freshly washed, moisturised and sealed using the LOC method. I cut off 22cm of hair which is about 8.7 inches.



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  2. Hi Dumsy,

    I loved the post. Good luck on your new journey.

    With love,

    Ik hou van frietjes

  3. Aww hun, Good luck on your hair journey..Would be looking forward to the progress cuz I know there would be...Love you :)

    1. Thanks a lot Hun. I will post more often with updates. 😊