Monday, November 10, 2014

Hair Tips: Co Washing

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I thought it would be a great idea to do a series discussing different hair tips that aid the growth of healthy, long hair. Some of these tips I already incorporate and some I would like to start. Today I'd like to talk about co washing. 

Co washing is the act of washing your hair with conditioner. This is done so as to get the hair and scalp clean and moisturised as opposed to shampooing, which cleans but strips the hair of it's nutrients. 

It's important to note that some shampoos; sulfate free, do not necessarily strip the hair strands, but they also do not add any moisture to it. Some people co wash using a cheap conditioner like herbal essences, while some use products made for this purpose (I shall include a list below). 

As for me, I started off using ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner. I do swear by the usefulness of this conditioner, however when I was relaxed, the constant co washing and deep conditioning left my hair feeling mushy. For this reason, I stopped co washing and stuck to the regular routine of deep conditioning on wash days. 

Now that I am natural and my natural hair is more so low porosity, I think it will be best to give it a try again. This will also be beneficial seeing as I have started working out regularly again. I plan to co wash once between wash days. And since I have noticed that my hair strives more when left alone, I have decided to co wash with my weekly protective style like cornrows, braids and twist still installed.  This way, I get the moisture and cleanse without having to manipulate my hair any further. 

I will incorporate this for the next month and see how my hair reacts to it and in the end, I shall give an update as to wether or not co washing will be a constant in my new natural routine.

Some co wash products: 

PS: For my readers here in the Netherlands, the last four, Shea moisture, Eden, Mizani, and Palmers can be bought here.

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