Monday, June 23, 2014

Late Check Back?

Hey guys,

I have been so MIA is not even cool!! But I am here to do a mini check back on my May goals even if the month of June is almost over :(. To be honest, I didn't do too well on one goal in particular.

May goals:

For my Hair:
1) I need to figure out protective styles that would limit my hand in hair time to just M&S time a couple of days in a week.  I managed to style my hair every wash day and only M&S when needed, therefore keeping my hand in hair time at bay.

2) Take my hair, skin and nails vitamins religiously.   This is managed to accomplish.

3) Carry on with my regular hair routine. (Wash&DC weekly and sleep with stain bonnet). As you can see here, I only cancelled out half of the goal. Thats because I did keep up with my regular hair routine but changed a few things around. Some protective styles lasted me two weeks, which meant I washed my hair every two weeks rather than every week.

For my health/body:
1) Exercise at least 3 times a week. (I signed up for a 10km race in June to motivate me with this task). This was a total fail!! I trained 5 times in the month of May. FIVE time. So Sad. But I did do well in the end with my 10km race. I beat my all time record and ran 10km in 59.02mins!! Was so proud of myself! hehe :)

2) Eat 5 fruits and/or vegetables a day. This was easy for me as I found my self making smoothies everyday. I threw in fruits and vegs in  my blender every morning and made my smoothies part of my breakfast. I love my smoothies and this has therefore become a staple.

3) Take my daily ABC vitamins religiously. This was also good for me

All in all, I did enjoy doing this. Although I didn't accomplish my most pressing goal, I did do most of it. The month of June is already over and I didn't set an goals for this month, but I plan to do so for July. I really have to get in shape as I am slowly gaining unnecessary weight. I would very much like to join a healthy hair/body challenge next month so let me know if you know of any. Or maybe I should start one myself? Let me know if you would interested in joining me if I do so.

Dumebi. :)

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