Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wash Day (2): Back to Normal

Hey loves,

So this time around, I went back to my "normal" routine.  And it goes like this (in Adam Levines voice):

[1] Naptural85's 25 mins co wash technic has become my staple pre poo routine. It works wonderfully for me, so for now, "if it isn't broke...'. I divided my hair into four parts as per usual and applied a generous amount of coconut oil to my dry hair. Unlike last week, I used a cheap conditioner instead, that still has lots of slip, my herbal essences "bee strong". Its not a amazing as ORS curls unleashed obviously, but it does well as a pre poo. 

I covered my hair with a plastic bag, a shower cap, a beanie and a scarf! Yep, I wanted all the heat. Didn't work out this time around and its cold around here hence.. In the end, I was left with super soft hair. 

[2] after the one hour long pre poo session, I stepped into the shower and finger detangled under the running water while washing off the conditioner. I then followed up with my creme of nature argan oil moisture & shine shampoo. 

With the shampoo in my hair, I then detangled further using a wide tooth comb under the running water. Once I was done with all four sections, I poured cold water to help close my hair cuticle.

[3] Once I was done, I used my cotton shirt to soak up excess water and let my hair air dry a bit. While it was drying, I decided to set up my hair steamer and get my conditioner mix ready. I decided to add some Jamaican black castor oil to my ORS curls unleashed conditioner and I think I added too much. Anyways, I mixed it all up and once I felt my hair was dry enough, but not too dry, I applied the mix to my hair and sat under the steamer for 20 mins. Once I was done, my hair felt very moisturised and soft so I tried to retain the heat for a little while longer by covering my hair up again with a plastic bag and shower cap for about 10 mins. After that, I went back under the shower and rinsed each section while trying to detangle further.

At this point, my hair felt a bit weird, it wasn't as soft as I expected it to be. It did detangle easily, but I guess thats because it was already mostly detangled? Anyways, overall, my hair still felt moisturised and I think the reason it wasn't very soft was because I put too much oil in the mix?

[4] after the wash, I proceeded to lightly damp each section as per usual with a cotton shirt and apply my leave in conditioner (kinky curly knot today) to my wet hair. I followed that up with my grape seed oil so as to seal in the moisture from both the leave in and water.

[5] Lastly, I decided to flat twist my hair rather than braid because it isn't as gripping as a cornrow and for some reason, the middle of my scalp is a bit sore to the touch. (For the record, I am the worst flat twister. But hey, my hair is some how laying flat on my head in different sections and that works for me.

To complete my LOC method, I applied my jane carter solution all natural nourish and shine product to each section before flat twisting. 

And that was it guys, my wash experience this week. I still want to do a tea/coffee rinse for shedding and its over all benefits, but I cant decide which to do. Tips anyone? Which do you prefer and why? Also, how was your wash day? PS: you can check out more healthy hair wash day posts at Wash Day Experience

I have added a few pictures below again because I love taking pictures. heheh. Please enjoy. 

Freshly washed, no products.

Left - Freshly washed hair, no product. Right - Just steamed hair, with conditioner.

Can I just quickly thank every one that has taken their time to read my blog posts, and those that commented? I truly appreciate it. Hair has always been my 'thing' and I am so happy I can talk about it, and have people read and understand where I am coming from, rather than the blank stare I get from some that think I am obsessed.

I have finally got a handle of this and I am here to stay, so please keep reading, commenting, and sharing. :)



  1. Your hair is beautiful; keep on sharing your journey. I like black tea for my rinse over coffee. I like the darken effects of the black tea.

    1. Thank you!! I have done the tea rinse before. But I think I didn't do it right cause I didn't see the benefit. Plus I did it only once. I'll see. Maybe I should try it again a couple if times and see.

  2. You got me as a reader for sure! And you're totally not hair obsessed....or maybe we all are and you just fit in. LOL

    Anywhos, I love a tea rinse. But that's no shade to coffee rinsing. It's just hard for me to part ways with perfectly good drinkable coffee like that. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Hahah You might just be right. Thanks a lots, and thank you for providing the sharing platform. :)

      Thanks for the advice. I think maybe I should give both a proper try to be able to judge? I have only done the tea rinse once a long time ago.

  3. Hey I echo KLP's comment. You are not hair obsessed! Its kinda a thing that catches all the HHJ ladies. I restrain myself from talking about my hair to people who dont understand the journey. Your curls in the last photo (the one on the left) look good. Coffee rinse for me is better because black tea leaves my hair slightly brittle. All the best with your journey, and keep posting!

    1. Hey Hun, lately I have been trying the same too. Only discuss with those that really want to discuss. Hehehehhe

      Anyways, thanks for the advice. I think I get what you mean by the brittleness. I tried the tea rinse once and didn't see the really difference. But I guys once isn't a good enough judgement. I think maybe I should give both a proper try to be able to judge what's best for my hair.

      I'll be posting more often. Thanks for the encouragement, I hope you visit the blog again. LOL.

  4. Your hair looks so curly. :-) I don't think you're hair obsessed. Like Scarlet Goal, I refrain from talking about my hair with people who don't really get it. I think I prefer tea rinses. It does leave my hair harder than coffee but the scent isn't too strong. Looking forward to more posts